Business resilience planning

Business resilience planning

Get help to get a plan to drive your business forward. Free 1:1 business support to plan forward.

The business hardships for 2020 and 2021 are still raw. Get bespoke support to develop your business resilience plans for any future shocks or changes. Plus advice on how to direct your business for recovery, adapting and growth.

Bespoke support for Cherwell businesses. Registration form here

Cherwell District Council with funding from the UK government Contain Outbreak Management Fund are helping local businesses with advice and writing a bespoke plan with proven business advisers.

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Quick fire clinic

Get answers to burning business questions. Free 1 hour instantly bookable appointment. Book here.

Business Resilience 1:1

Advice and creation of a bespoke plan. We use tools to assess, evaluate and improve your corporate health and performance. Getting you fit for the new normal.

Knowledge centre

Library of content and information to support business resilience and details on the tools we use to help your business.

Cherwell Business Resliience Popup event

The Cherwell Business Resilience popup are virtual and in-person (covid rules allowing) for Cherwell District Council businesses to understand the impacts of the pandemic and ideas for planning for change and adaption. More details and booking can be made via requesting a callback at the top of the page.

Read a case study of a graduate from the programme Ellie Harper owner of Harpers Coffee House.

Topics covered and advice that will be provided include:

  • Strategies for growth in post Plan B world and return of WFH advice
  • Funding opportunities for getting going
  • Planning for change and adapting your business
  • Introduction to strategic tools for added value and planning optimisation

The event will be led by Lawrie Chandler from Edale Enterprises.

Knowledge centre

Articles to help you on key topics as part of your response to covid and build resilience.

The pandemic presents a significant business challenge for ensuring your peoples’ safety and managing changing commercial priorities. How do you recover from the crisis? Now you can get general guidance on where to focus as we begin to look beyond the initial impact of coronavirus, as we move into an unknown future.

Support to make a difference

Support available to you:

  • Bespoke business advice to develop a plan that fits your business.
  • Simple eligibility with limited paperwork. Sign up and get business help.
  • Bespoke plan to help your business trade in any environment and put foundations down to prepare for the new normal.
  • A plan to ensure safe workspaces, effective trading and operation.

Businesses that usually benefit include:

  • Those with retail premises and offices.
  • Smaller businesses wanting outside assistance.
  • Sole traders that need some guidance.
  • Traditional businesses that want some advice to solve current pains.
  • Firms seeking to accelerate business models that emerged in the pandemic.

Frequently asked questions

Why join?
To get bespoke advice to help you “in” your business by working “on” your business.
What do you get?
A dedicated business support adviser that listens, frames and produces a bespoke business resilience plan. Delivered via online meetings with a business specialist and plan-writing done for you.
What do I need to do?
Be in the Cherwell District Council area. Signup below. Be available and open to listening to how your business can be helped.
Why should I sign up?
  • Ensure your business is in great shape to survive and grow.
  • Get an outside-in view of your growth potential and additional opportunities.
  • Acquire a 360-degree awareness of the business networks, funding and support that is available to you out there.
What is business resilience?
This is a broad term for planning for a company that covers:

  • Market readiness
  • Planning for future commerce
  • Business model robustness and redefining
  • Continuity of business operations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safe workplaces and spaces
  • Improving knowledge, expertise and skills
  • Quicker recovery and adaptation in the face of changes
What will be topics you'll cover in business resilience?
Discussion on Business Resilience covering:

  • Premises
  • Financial
  • Employees
  • Legal and compliance
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Management and leadership
What is the real cost of signing up?
The package is free. That said, you would need to commit upto 10 hours of your time over a 6-week period, in timeslots available from 8am to 8pm and dates of your convenience.
Who are Edale?
Edale Enterprises Limited, a business support firm, has been appointed by Cherwell District Council to assist in the roll-out of this initiative.
Can I learn more?
Sure contact us on WhatsApp message, email, call 020 799 35 360 and we will help.
I have another question?
No problem we can help send us a WhatsApp message, email us, call 020 799 35 360 and we will get back to you.

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